Walter Krause_2.jpg

Walter Krause – Owner

Walter’s introduction to home building came by way of his father, who was also a homebuilder. With decades of experience in construction, Walter values the unique details of each project and understands the importance of quality workmanship at every level. He and his wife Shauna founded Feature Projects in 1992, and his integrity and appreciation of things done well have inspired the company’s culture since its inception.


Victor Krause – Service Specialist

Vic’s interest in building began at a young age when his father would bring him to his building sites. He joined the team at Feature Projects in 2002, and utilizes his vast experience with commercial and residential building on many of the project and service assignments he’s given.


Don Wright – Project Manager

Don has been involved in the construction business for over 40 years, starting out on job sites after school and on summer breaks as a teenager. His experience and depth of knowledge enable him to manage an efficient and organized job site.


Ray Li – Client Relations Specialist

Ray was born & raised in Mainland China and has been working as a client relations manager at Feature Project for 7 years. Fluent in Mandarin, he works alongside clients to ensure their perspectives and needs are clearly understood and met.

Dave Archibald.jpg

Dave Archibald – Site Manager

With his background in stair building preceding his extensive experience as a Site Manager, Dave takes detail planning to a whole other level. His ability to interpret blueprints along with his foresight and communication skills ensures his jobs always run smoothly and efficiently.

Dave Janzen.jpg

Dave Janzen – Project Manager

Dave has been working in the construction business since he can remember. Dave joined Feature Projects in 2001 and since that time has managed some of Vancouver’s largest custom homes.


Cameron Thomson – Appraiser/Estimator

Cameron joined Feature Projects in 2010. Beginning as a journeyman carpenter, he recently moved into the office as an estimator. His experience both on site, supporting our project managers, and in the office, finding the very best prices, have made him an invaluable member of the Feature’s team.


Ben Cornelsen – Project Manager

Ben has been a journeyman carpenter at Feature Projects for the past 9 years. He brings his impressive skillset and energy to the workplace along with a deep understanding of the entire process of building a home.